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Daniel Milla Lliuya (AGMP - UIAGM - IFMGA)

Birth date: 08 – 04 – 1979
Speak: Quechua – Spanish – Basic English
Status: married
Owner / President

I was born in the Huaraz city, which is located between cordillera blanca & cordillera negra neighbor of huayhuash mountain range, I am the fourth son of Don Víctor Milla, my passion for the mountain was born since I was a child, because I watched my father going to the mountain, And with my early age I could not go with him, after my 13 years old I started going on treks with my father and clients, And as soon as I finished my high school I applied to the high school mountain center studies (CEAM) in 2001 and I graduated as an official mountain guide in 2005.

Showing my skills and abilities in my final guide course taking up the second place in grading qualifications in rock and ice climbing, pads systems, anchors, Rescue and auto rescue in rock and snow. I have a wide guiding experience in trekking and climbing, organizing, trekking and climbing expeditions into cordillera Blanca & huayhuash in the Peruvian mountains,

I guided successfully in Mexico, Argentina where I climbed conquering the mount Aconcagua at (6959 m), In Peru I have climbed the most beautiful mountain in the world mount “Alpamayo”, and the Peruvian highest peak “mount Huascaran south peak” In 2005 I made a speed record climbing mounts ” Alpamayo” & “Quitaraju” in 32 hours 16 minutes, I started it from cashapampa, to cashapampa village, usually this route is done in 7 days, two years later I opened some new routes to climbing in cordillera Blanca


AGMP - UIAGM - IFMGA certified Mountain guide WFR/RPC

Marcelle Milla Silverio

She was born and rai sed in Barrio de Nueva Florida in 2004 around the Cordillera Blanca, after finishing her high school studies, she entered the Cesar Vallejo University. She is currently studying her profesional career (Lawyer), she with her early age is a shareholder partner in the company Peru Mountains
Climbing S.A.C. She is in charge of digital marketing, at the same time she is in charge of the legal parto f the company, she is in Charge of doing paperwork with the embassies if there is an incident or accident in our company. Speak: Spanish – Intermediate English

Judith Silverio Salazar

Birth date: 02 – 14 – 1979
Speak: Quechua – Spanish

She was born and grew up close to Cordillera Blanca on the mountain in Huaraz town. After finishing the high school, she attend to admission to the ELEAZAR GUSMAN BARON institute to studied in TECHNICAL NURSE, after 3 years studding she got graduated.

Currently she is working in our company Peru Mountains Climbing in charge of the logistics and mountain medicines for the customers and you see she is well trained high mountain medicine, Also she is charge of feeding logistic for treks or climbs , and she is charges of booking tickets of bus and flights, booking hotels for accommodation, checking collective equipment as personal tents, kitchen & dining Tent, to be in order everything to avoid future difficulties that can happen in the mountain she is pleasure to serve all the time.

Elisabeth Gschosser (Strategic Partner Austria / Ecuador)

Birth date: 1982
Speak: (German – English – French – Italian – Spanish)

She was born in Austria and grew up in the heart of the Alps in Tyrol for the passion of the mountains, she moved to Ecuador. She has a wide experience more than 15 years in international business, is a university teacher and for many years she has managed the agendas of Austrian Alpine Club (OEAV), as a guide for young people and support manage area, Her trips allowed her to know several summits over all the world and among her most important ascents summits as: mount Alpamayo, Tocllaraju, Misti, Chimborazo, Cotopaxi, Antisana, Cayambe and many more. She will be pleasure to help you, when you planning your next trip in the Andes.

Nury Lazaro (Peruvian Surgeon)

Birth date: 09 – 03 – 93
Speak: (Spanish – Intermediate English – Portuguese)

She was born in Huaraz town, where she grew up in the heart of cordillera Blanca from her early each she began rock climbing after it she became passionate for the mountain, and nature, she limbed several summits such as: mount Urus, Ishinca, Maparaju, Andavite, Vallunaraju, Tocllaraju, Chopiclaqui y Alpamayo, all Cordillera Blanca. She has bigger goals which are coming soon. She joined at Peru Mountains Climbing team in 2016 as a doctor for our clients, and is in charge of making advises to prepare the first aid kit with her extensive experience; she took the WFR course in 2016.

CIn 2016 she offer her service as doctor for our clients on High altitude medicine completing and extending her experience, attending in a mountain rescue security course organized by Mountain Guides Association of Peru (AGMP) in 2016, And she is training every year to improve and provide better service for our customers.

Daniel Alejandro Navarro Arenas

Birth date: 1982
Speak: (English – Spanish)

Daniel Alejandro Navarro Arenas, a Mexican national is a high mountain guide where he works regularly and serves as a guide in: Mexico, Peru, Alpes Francia, Italia, Chile, Sierra Nevada Rockies Estados Unidos, and Canada, has meny ascents to national summits in alpine peak style of Orizaba North Face (5650 m), Iztaccihualt route portillos (5230 m) and ayoloco route with ice climbing,(543 time) snow-capped Toluca circumferential to the crater and normal route (4680 m), La Malinche volcano (4461 m). and also has ascensions in international summits in alpine style in the Peruvian white mountain range: Urus (5495 m), Vallunaraju Norte (5686 m) and the southern summit (5600 m), Nevado Pisco (5752 m), Nevado Yanapaccha de (5460) m), Nevado Tocllaraju (6034 m), (Nevado Ranrapalca (6162 m) Nevado Alpamayo (5947 m) in the Cordillera Blanca Perú.

• Alpes Francia: Moun Blanc, Matterhorn-Cervino
• Chile: Ojos del Salado
• EEUU: Sierra Nevada, Yosemite
• Canada: Ice Climbing


• International certification in WFR (WILDERNESS FIRST RESPONDER), SAR Unit México Usarm.
• International Mountain and mountain rescue certificate with (AGMP) Association of Mountain Guides of Peru (AGMP - UIAGM). 2017
• The Ultimate Guide to Modern Alpinism Mark Smyle 2021
• Wilderness Firts Aid 2022

Daniel Alejandro Navarro Arenas is founder of the company Goclimbmexico

Get out of the routine and come and enjoy the best of the white mountain range
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Certified Mountain Guide
Tour operador en Perú
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